July 16, 2013

Little Boy: Angel And Demon

With the reflective beauty of the sun shining in my eye through the bedroom window, I wake in a jostled start from my little boy standing next to me with his sippy and a giant bottle of pop in his arms screaming angrily while the spastic tantrum starts.  My sweet little boy suddenly starts throwing everything in his site, to get what he wants - a sippy of intensely sugary soda.  

So begins my day, everyday, the same useless routine that he has yet to learn will not be given into.  I get up, smile sweetly and tell him that I love him.  Slowly, I pull the angry strong little boy into my arms - a gentle hug that he quickly pulls from.  "Come on, "J,"  lets go downstairs and get you  a drink, and breakfast." - Down the stairs he follows screaming, in a angry tantrum the entire way to the kitchen.   

In one defeated heap he throws himself to the floor, sitting in front of the refrigerator.  This morning, unlike some mornings, the demon inside my son slips into the depths of my little boy's soul - successfully - quickly, easily defeated - with a breakfast of cereal, and a big cool sippy of water; the sweet angel boy's favorite - as long as there is ice in it.   It was a quickly diverted fight this morning.  Most mornings the autism causes more violence, and more of a fight.  However, mornings have become a simple manageable  routine.  

Routines for children with autism are very important.  They need structure, some need more rigid routines than others.  My son varies, some days, things need strict routines, other days - more lax.   I am thankful to the people who have taught me this important step to helping my son, take such a hard thing, and turn it into a wonderful blessing.   I am grateful to God for this experience, and I will sing His praises every day that my little boy gets to be a sweet gentle lovely angel.  

May you all be blessed with a fun happy day. One of delight and amazing joy.  

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