July 11, 2013

Product Review - Scour Off™ Heavy Duty Paste by Shaklee

I have a confession:   My walls haven't been cleaned since June.  The kiddos used crayons, chalk, and some pens on white walls!  Woo Hoo!  It was beautiful, but NOT what it needed to be.   Nothing beats children's artwork and winding up on what had been pristine white walls.   I did wipe it occasionally to get the color faded,  but I promise you no cleaning product has touched it.

Washing walls is one chore that I dislike.   Mainly because I hadn’t discovered a natural cleaning product that worked to gently remove the art or finger prints.  I don’t like hazardous chemicals or toxic fumes.  I’d first heard about the amazing Shaklee product line a few months ago from a friend.   For the last six months or so,  I’ve been scouring the blogging world in search of Shaklee giveaways because of all the wonderful things I’ve heard about their products.   When a friend happened to give my SO and I a huge basket of cleaning supplies when we moved into our new apartment, Shaklee Scour Off Heavy-Duty paste was among the goodies, I could not resist to finally use it on this unloved project.

As soon as I remembered about he Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste, I got to work on my walls.   Remember,  they hadn’t been cleaned since June.  Now, there was walls full of new artwork, and old marks, but it certainly wasn’t clean enough for me to be happy.   Typically, I spend what feels like the better part of a day scrubbing away at our walls.  Even with the semi-gloss, the paint holds marks horribly.  With Shaklee, my entire world changed.   I followed the instructions, which advised you to use lots of water with the products.  I could feel my sponge sliding through the marks with ease.   It rinsed cleaning,  leaving no gritty residue that is common with traditional cleaners.  Another bonus – no toxic fumes!  Scour Off Heavy-Duty paste is made from natural mineral abrasives and biodegradable cleaning agents.  It doesn’t contain chlorine bleach or dye!  I don’t dread cleaning the walls now.  The scent of the Scour Off Heavy-Duty paste is so pleasant,  kind of like a crisp raspberry summer drink.

There are so many benefits to using this product – not only can it be used to clean your walls, you can also use it to clean sinks, tub, tile, ovens, ovenproof glass, stove top, grout, cement, and ceramics.   The list seems to go on and on.   Shaklee Scour Off also removes rust – so you can bet that come Spring, I’ll be using it in on my metal lawn ornaments to shine them up!

Buy it:

You can hurry over here and purchase the Shaklee Scour Off Heavy-Duty Paste right now!  You can also find more information about the entire Shaklee line up.