July 13, 2013

Daily Homemaking Routine

Starts In The Evening

I cannot stress this enough; although the thought may seem strange, you MUST have the beginning of your daily routine start before you go to bed the night before.  Make sure your kitchen counters and sink are wiped down.  Then, sit down; look at your calendar and make a to-do list for the next day.  Do a quick pick up of the untidy areas, and lay out your outfit for the next day.  Make sure you get good sleep, go to bed at a decent hour.  

Beginning The Day With A Bang

Get up with enough time to complete a few household tasks, before the rest of your day begins.  Start a load of laundry, make your bed, plan dinner.  You should also, touch up the bathroom, tidy the kitchen after breakfast.  

 Afternoon Reboot

When you arrive back home, it is the perfect time to finish up the daily laundry.  That way it doesn't become an unmanageable monster task.  Prepare and serve the dinner you planned in the morning when you got up.  Leave the kitchen spotless, pick up a few odds and ends, and then you are off to bed.  

So, because we know that mommy brain doesn’t get better when you have toddlers running around the house - put all this list down on a Homemaking Schedule template. A pretty one; that has a place for your daily routine, a section to list the meals you will cook today, a section for any household chores, and a section for any appointments and calls to make. 

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